1. found this in an old sketchbook guess I was having some penis feelings

  2. been very productive at work

  3. play balls????

  4. While I was in Hawaii there were these lil ferns that curl up when you touch them. I felt those ferns hardcore.


  6. Hi guys! I’m currently in the process of packing and moving to a new apartment and then going on vacation so my Etsy store will be closed until August 15th. It’ll be back after a nice rest on misandry island.

  7. Girl Feelings and Beer before Boys patches also available now!

  8. I made notebooks so you can be proud and loud about your ENDLESS GIRL FEELINGS!! Buy em here!

  9. sneakie peakie at a notebook I’m making. Those are the blob cousins of flowers.


  10. My John Darnielle sketch is in this nice writeup of the Housing Works event from yesterday!